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Systems Integration

Connecting, collecting & analyzing data, then connecting in a way that's truly useful 


We get you from a vision to
a working prototype — including hardware and software — fast.


A list of current openings with Persis clients, who are some of the area’s most impressive companies.

Crowd Sourcing Data

TracVisor is a crowd-sourcing platform — that processes and analyzes reported events in real time


Team Secrets

When Persis is described by clients, invariably one of the first things they mention is that Persis has an uncanny ability to assemble the perfect team for a project — even projects that other companies would shy away from.

To find out what Persis President, Nader Afshar, looks for in people, read here.

Small Giant

Some companies measure their success in the number of locations, people, and offices they have. One of the ways we measure our success is the number of times we've replaced the big guys — and delivered what they couldn't.

On many occasions Persis has demonstrated an ability to punch above our weight class by delivering on projects initially awarded to global IT integrators — in shorter timeframes, with better performance, and at considerably lower cost. Find out more here.

A Short History of Infotainment

We think of “infotainment” as a category that began just a few years ago, fueled by smartphone technology and our always-connected personas.

For your enjoyment, here is a look at the early analogues of today’s car-related safety, convenience, information, and entertainment systems.